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Twilights Library Twilights Library

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are you doing the inside too?

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urimas responds:

not yet i have a feeling there gona take longer as I have to watch the episodes over and over to get the angles right

Gigantor Hunting in the Forest Gigantor Hunting in the Forest

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The last thing seen by the Jade Monkey Dragon.

First Contact First Contact

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If only they had hands

then we would be screwed

Razac responds:

They used to have hands before they crash landed 10,000 years ago, but all that time living a simple life under water, evolution gave them webbed hand flipper type limbs.

Whale Puncher Whale Puncher

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I don't get it...

also, Orca's eyes are in the wrong spot.

humaggot humaggot

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Well that's not disturbing...

seriously, very interesting and creative.

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Daddy?? Daddy??

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art is mediocre

Sorrygirl99 responds:

.... oh..... okay....\

sure.... >.>